The Paradigm Shift Conquering Fear

A few months ago Mia Saenz and Adrian Boniardi contacted me to be a guest on their Video Summit. Once I heard the topic was, “The Paradigm Shift: Conquering Fear!” I said count me in!

This summit I am sharing and shedding the light into what is the truth of Quantum release and how to go from Fear to Freedom. As many of you know this is the work I do in my programs.

Uncertainty, lack of knowledge, supporting your conscious actions on inaccurate or incomplete information, individual changes, etc; can be all sources that can trigger Fear.

Their opposite, on the other hand; knowledge, wisdom, serenity are qualities that makes us feel confident about our own abilities to deal with the habitual challenges that life puts on our way as a mean for continuous growth and development.

Today, we are living in a ‘reality’ that is changing before our very own eyes. We are learning that nothing is fixed, but actually a part of a grand ocean in motion that can trigger our most basic fears.

Join us this November 11, 2013 as we examine new ways to deal with old fears that can stop us cold in our advancement toward a fulfilled life experience. I would love to see you there check it out:

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