What is the BEST version of YOU?

Do you ever think about that?

What does the best version of you do when you eat? What food choices does that version of you make?

What type of exercise does that version of you engage in?

How does the best version of you show up in your relationships?

When you are 100% YOU and being authentic, what is he or she like?

I have much more information coming on this subject, but for now start thinking of what that BEST version of you looks like, feels like, acts like, etc.

And I am not talking about the “perfect” you, because even though the soul and Divine Self are perfect and nothing needs to be added to you or changed about you, the personality self tends to think, “I’ll be perfect when I do this or have this.”

This question is not about perfection. It is about the BEST. Doing and being your best, what would that look like for you at this particular point in your life?

Enjoy this question, because we become what we contemplate.

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