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An idea that was conceived at the dining room table of our small condo in Montreal is now a thriving international coaching organization which has trained over 3,500 Law of Attraction coaches worldwide and reaches over 200,000 people each month though our books, newsletters, coaching programs and online videos. Our success unfolded not in accordance with a business plan or even a loosely-defined goal. It is the result of a deep desire to understand and apply the universal laws which underlie the creation of all things.

Fifteen years ago, I was twenty pounds overweight, sixty-thousand dollars in debt, and renting a room in a tiny house because I couldn’t afford to rent my own apartment. My desire at that time was to manifest a career that fulfilled me, a partnership with a man who inspired me, and a body that reflected the Goddess energy that I knew was waiting to be awakened within me.

I very quickly manifested all of these things and more, not through hard work or painstaking effort, but as a natural consequence of working with powerful universal laws such as attraction, abundance, detachment, and allowing. As I accepted that my inner thoughts and feelings really do create my outer reality, my life began to shift ways I could never have predicted. Not long after, I began waking up every night at 1:05 a.m. with an overwhelming need to write down the ideas that seemed as if someone were downloading into my head. This went on for seven nights without my realizing at the time that each evening’s journal entry would eventually become a chapter in my very first book.

Publishing Perfect Pictures launched my career as an author – and soon after as a speaker, as friends and colleagues began inviting me to lecture about the book’s principles at churches, spiritual book stores, and other gatherings. Soon people started asking me if I offered a coaching program that could help them apply its concepts to the particular circumstances of their lives. In response to those who had used the book to generate positive changes in their lives – and who were eagerly asking for more – I founded the Christy Whitman International, Inc. in 2008. Just two years after its inception, the business grossed over $1 million in sales.

As the company continues to expand, my husband Frederic and I have the joy of attracting and working with a team of brilliant and dedicated experts in a wide variety of fields – web designers and developmental editors; marketing and PR professionals; bookkeepers and workshop coordinators… We call them our Dream Team, because all of them are committed to championing the same life-altering message: All that we can experience in the physical world comes into being in alignment with powerful, non-physical laws. Christy Whitman International, Inc. exists for the purpose of teaching everyone – men and women; young and old; parents and children – how to use these laws to clarify, magnetize, and manifest all that you desire.

We are truly thrilled that you’ve found your way here. Stick around, and you’ll understand why we say that life just keeps getting better and better!

Christy Whitman

Montreal, Quebec
January, 2013


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