"Here's How to Start Creating Abundance in All Areas of Your Life in 7 Days or Less "


First things first, this report is NOT for you if:

  • You always feel happy, joyful, connected, and fully alive
  • You make all the money you desire and love your job and boss
  • You have more time to spare than your kids, family and friends can stand to be around you

In talking with my clients and doing research about .3% of people always feel happy, make all the money they want, and have abundant time to spare.

If you were in this .3% "as good as gold group" you wouldn’t be reading this now. So now I know you qualify and deserve to be living the life of abundance you just need to know how.

Fortunately for you it’s not as easy as 123 but there is a simple step-by-step system you can follow to join this elite .3% of people.


Dear Friend and abundance seeker,

I’m Christy Whitman author of four published books, including the best-seller Perfect Pictures. I’m also a professional speaker, certified trainer, Light Body Instructor, and Law of Attraction Coach.

About 7 years ago as luck would have it I discovered the Law of Abundance and I’ll tell you more about my story but first,

Before you go any further….

How much are you losing living the way THEY want you to live?

Will society’s box for you allow you the freedom to live the life you’ve always desired?

I hate to say this but from day 1 the deck has been stacked against you. Society trains you in a scarcity mindset and later on I’ll tell you why they do this. And this is just the tip of the iceberg for why you feel the longing and limitations which scarcity thinking wreaks in your life.

You may have a hard time defining exactly what NOT living in abundance and continuing to live in scarcity costs you.

To shed some light on this…

So what’s the Real Costs of NOT Living in Abundance?

  • Many of my clients report feeling lost and unhappy before beginning the system. Clearly, these emotional costs are devastating and can affect your health.
  • Bottom line is many report working 25% more hours before they put into practice the abundance tactics from the system than after.
  • According to wikipedia the average life span is 79.4 years. At 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year, for 40 years of your life means 80,000 work hours in a lifetime.
  • So by NOT having these abundance tactics you stand to unnecessarily lose 20,000 hours of your life which translates to $310,800 of your net worth (at only $15.54/hr which is the average US wage times 20,000 hours).
  • Obviously if you make more per hour your losses will be even greater.
  • Even if you work a job and your boss requires 40 hours per week you can still be way more efficient and valuable which sets you up for promotions and raises you never would have gotten before.

Can you afford to lose $310,800 of your net worth and 20,000 hours of your life?

Do you want to continue losing out on promotions and raises which should be yours?

SO now for the glimmer of hope on the other side of the coin….

So What’s the Real Gains from Living in Abundance?

After starting to live abundantly many of my clients feel connected, happy, "home", and joyful.

"This really changed my life and the way I am in my world. I feel so excited!"

Evelyn Apostolou, Napa CA,

  • Some of my clients were making great money before and INCREASED IT AFTER ABUNDANCE TACTICS. Others just randomly had checks show up for a few thousand dollars. They tell me it was as if they ‘magically’ fell out of the sky (but putting the law of abundance to work is what caused it).
  • One client, Conrad was making $150,000 in his regular job. Two months after the class it had doubled to $300,000. Here’s what he told me:

"I took Christy’s Abundance Course and within one month of completing the course I had a head hunter call me to interview for a new job. I was not looking for a new job, but when she told me I could double my current salary, she got my attention. I am now making over $300,000 per year, I paid off all my debts, and I also met my ideal woman. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to increase their abundance and change their lives."

Conrad Johnson, Vice-President, NYC, NY

  • Another client, Pete made $100,000 within 9 days after starting the class.

"I hired Christy to work with me on increasing my consulting business. At the time I had been completing my current clients' work with no new clients in sight. Within 9 days of working with her Abundance Principle Coaching Program, I attracted over $100,000 worth of business. I also improved my golf game and found a greater passion and excitement in my life."

Pete Krane, Business Consultant Houston, TX Tampa, FL

After the class he emailed me a couple months later and said

“how do you turn off this abundance faucet? I am a one thing at a time kind of guy and I have so many jobs coming at me that I am not able to visit all the ball parks that I want to. I am also being aggressively pursued by two great women.”

He had a goal to visit all the baseball fields in the US and because he was getting so busy and attracting so many clients that it was starting to prevent him from traveling.


  • Alex got an 18% pay raise and promotion immediately after the class and he was already making over $100,000. If you know anything about the ‘glass ceiling’ you know high paid managers have the toughest time getting raises even in good times and are the first to get laid off during cut backs


"We took The Abundance Principle Course together. Alex received a job promotion with an 18% pay increase within a month of completing your course. I created my dream job making an additional $30k per year, with better benefits and one more week vacation within a week of the class. Our relationship also improved as a result of taking this course."

Alex & Tish Rodriguez, SF, CA


  • Latisha got $30,000 more (she was making $100,000) in salary per year, plus better benefits like more vacation time shortly after completing the system.
  • Others won awards with their companies and went from 395 in sales ranking to #6.


"When I first started working with Christy my intention was to win a very prestigious award with my company called Presidents Club Award. My sales rankings with the company was 395 out of 398 representatives. I quickly moved up the rankings and ended my sales year as the number 6th representative, in the top 10% of the organization attained my goal of winning Presidents Club, not to mention over $60,000 in total bonus."

Brian Hanley, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Tampa, FL


So even under the most conservative numbers, Latisha got a $30,000 raise which is 30%.

So How Do You Get a 30% Raise?

There are many ways to add more money to your income. It may not be possible in your current job but by using abundance tactics you can bring 30% and more into your life.

This will be easy for you to apply once you’re aware because abundance is the natural state.

To prove to you abundance is the natural state and the trumped up scarcity state they taught you in school and society is a lie here are some sobering numbers for you:

  1. If all the world’s wealth was distributed evenly to each person living everyone would have $7,000,000.
  2. There are enough trees on this planet to provide each of the over 6.5 billion people living with a 3,000 square foot house!
  3. If only 3% of the world's military expenditure was re-allocated it would feed, clothe and house every human on the planet. Only 3%! Not a lot.

Clearly to just chew on these 3 scientific stats shows you how much there is in this world and how abundant the earth is.

There are many more examples of abundance out there so now I’m going to get back to telling you about my discovery of abundance…

I went to see a well known author speak at a workshop. I was so amazed. I couldn’t and just couldn’t believe that someone had so much passion like she had. I was both inspired and depressed all at the same time.

I just sensed there was something more than meets the eye going on here.

I was inspired because something long dormant within me was awakened woke up, and I was depressed because I certainly did not have that type of passion in my life. I realized on that day that I used to have big dreams and I had stopped dreaming. I was almost in a minor depression.

Abundance and Passion Was Always Within Me but Had Dimmed Due to Neglect

I was working for a dreary pharmaceutical company and each day was further draining the reservoir of my passion. My passion was like a large lake in the midst of an extreme drought, almost completely dried up.

And then after being shaken awake the waters were rolling in ready to replenish and renew my passion reservoir….but my current JOB was like a impenetrable dam keeping the refreshing waters out.

Not only did I not have passion for what I did, but it drained my energy just going in everyday.
I hated my boss.

The money was okay. I was making just enough to get by.

It was just enough that I wasn’t able to leave my job, but not enough to live the lifestyle I used to dream about.

So I was settling with a mediocre life.

How Familiar Does This Sound to You?

After I was introduced to the Law of Abundance, I got so excited about the possibilities my life could STILL become. Probably the way most people get excited when they first watch or read The Secret! 

I realized that day it was now or never because….

  • I could create whatever I wanted in my life
  • I had potential to be as wealthy as I wanted to be.
  • I could be living in my dream home and driving my dream car.
  • there was an exact perfect career for me where I could really use my talents and skills and have passion on a daily basis.
  • my relationships could have more connection and substance.
  • there was a purpose for me here on Earth.

I was on a roll and became consumed with not only learning, but applying the Universal Laws, especially The Law of Abundance, and the changes I had in my life felt like magic.

During this time I received a vision for my first book, Perfect Pictures which would become a best-seller. First-time authors right out of the gate never have a best-selling 1st time effort. Like the difference between night and day I could feel my destiny coming into focus and being fulfilled.

For seven days in a row my wake-up call came at exactly 1:05am in the form of a mysterious yet comforting voice reading me the words which are now published. I don’t know why but something inside me was compelling me to trust this little voice.

Then like a lightning bolt it hit me…because I was now reconnected and in the flow of the Universe I could hear this trusted inner voice once again. I got my book published by the first publisher I sent it to. This is totally unheard of in the publishing industry! 

I created a new job where I loved

  • the medication I was selling,
  • my manager,
  • the size of my territory, and
  • even the money I was making!

It was a complete and unexpected transformation.

I created my dream home with such ease and effortlessness. Which is a story in itself!  My relationship with my partner at the time was the best it had ever been.

I was on top of the world because of my new found abundance knowledge.

What it boils down to is it was cut and dry. I felt these principles were my golden ticket and it came just in the nick of time.

I continued to live these principles and people who read my book and attended my workshops wanted to have me work 1-on-1 with them.

I had never thought about being a “life coach” but had almost magically stumbled into it. Without any external effort on my part it had come to me.

Just like my experience as an author, when I got on purpose and was living in alignment with the Law of Abundance, my purpose and passion unfolded. The success I was meant to have had come to me.

I was now living my destiny and it felt surreal.

I’ve now helped hundreds of people, just like you, who wanted to manifest

  • their ideal partner,
  • their ideal job,
  • their ideal money situation,
  • their ideal body and
  • fulfillment in their lives.

I also want to clarify there is nothing special about me, I’m just a regular girl from Scottsdale Arizona who started the ball rolling.

I’m not a genius or lucky or different from you in any way. The only difference is I’ve discovered, mastered and put The Law of Abundance to work for me. This is the big ‘missing piece’ left out of The Secret movie.

I can be your facilitator because all the info is already inside you, you just need to know how to access it and put it to work for you.

To get your feet wet with abundance and attraction requires you to follow specific action steps so it works for you…

Like a brilliant and dedicated employee who never gets tired, the law of
abundance works for me 24/7 and could be doing the same for you.

You deserve these results in your life. From day one, you can have them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, rich or poor, single or married, or where you live. Once you understand the Law of Abundance and exactly how to use it, you will be able to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The Law of Abundance put to work for you….

  • gets you more of what you want and less of what you don't.
  • stops you attracting negative people and events into your life - and starts attracting exactly what you do want.
  • aligns your thoughts and actions with the spiritual laws of the Universe allowing you to live your dream destiny
  • reprograms you at a cellular level to effortlessly accept abundance so you don’t stand a chance of ever again being controlled by old ways
  • renews the hope and passion in your life.
  • shows you in vivid clarity how you attracted your current situation and what you can do to change it.
  • Shows you emphatically what you’re meant to do in the world as your creative expression and how to cash it in.
  • Reveals the steps which get you your dreams.

So why doesn’t everyone know about the Law of Abundance?

It’s hard to swallow but unfortunately, most of us were not taught this in school or by our parents. Not because they didn’t love you or want you to know but because they simply weren’t aware of it.

Your parents and teachers were kept in the dark by the powers that be.

Of course the powers that be behind the scenes have their motives for keeping this info from you. They know what they are doing with the education system and want you to be in the dark so you get the raw end of the deal.

But you’re not here to speculate about what their motives are only to find out what’s been done to you and how to reclaim your birthright…abundance.

Most people are programmed for lack, and this programming burrows deep into your subconscious without you even being aware of it.

Then it manifests in all sorts of negative ways in your life leaving you totally perplexed and wondering why your life isn’t all you wanted it to be.

You feel at times like you’re swimming upstream or even swimming with sharks and your destiny lies on the other side seemingly impossible to get to.

However, there is hope!

Many people who were taught these scarcity principles have been reborn now living lives full of abundance and joy. And I want to show you this natural and easy flowing life right now.

For 1 of my clients I replaced Tony Robbins (in case you’ve been hiding under a rock your entire life he’s a master guru trainer of personal development and many have paid $100,000 for his top-level program)!

"You have quickly replaced my
mentor Anthony Robbins"

"Hi Christy, 

I stumbled over The Secret which led me to your website. I always question everything and was glad I didn't just take everything at face value and  searched for more information. I am trying to articulate and understand the  information I have just received. You have quickly replaced my mentor Anthony Robbins, I seem to be able to relate with you as we have many common interests. I look forward to becoming a Master on the Universal laws and continuous learning."  
Kind Regards,  

Michelle Smit  Kyalami, South Africa


I tell you this not to brag but only to emphasize how powerful this system is and how the law of abundance can do whatever it takes to transform your life.

It doesn’t have to be an uphill battle thank goodness.

Once it clicked for Michelle she became a bullet-train gliding to success.

So how do you become like Michelle and glide into success?

Take a look at this chart and see where your ‘mindspace’ operates most of the time:


You are always manifesting your
attitudes and beliefs!
What is right What is wrong
There is enough There is not enough
I am enough I am not enough
Cooperation/Inspiration Competition
More than enough for everyone Need to fight for my share.
I create what I desire I have to rely on others to get what I want
Connection with higher self Connection with lower self
Money and things are an effect Money and things are the cause.
Ease and grace Force and struggle
Creative energy to create Work hard and push


It chaps my hide that society teaches the lack side of the chart telling you, “You gotta work hard to succeed”. “Keep pushing”. “You need to ‘fight for your right to party’, make more, have more, be more, etc”.

Successful people know this way never leads to success. It’s a tried and true fact of failure because you are out of alignment with the universe.

Here’s another little exercise in self-discovery for you:


Do you engage in…

  1. All or Nothing Thinking: Thoughts that are all good or all bad.
  2. “Always” Thinking: Thinking in words like always, never, no one, everyone, every time, everything.
  3. Focusing on the Negative: Only seeing bad in a situation.
  4. Fortune Telling: Predicting the worst possible outcome of a situation.
  5. Mind Reading: Believing that you know what another person is thinking even thought they haven’t told you.


Each of these 5 is destructive and self-limiting in unique ways. Obviously, the negative thinking ones attract you more of the negative because your focus brings you whatever you’re focusing on.

Always thinking and mind reading limit your ability to listen and gain meaning from the world around you because you are prejudging and too busy making assumptions to take in info.

There are 4 other main thinking patterns which like the straw that breaks the camel’s back, devastates your ability to attract the abundance you deserve and want in your life.

Like a busted white bronco stopped on the side of the road with the cops closing in these beliefs keep you locked in place and even caged up in your current reality forever wanting more.

Bottom line is to have a bright future of abundance you must rid yourself of these limiting beliefs or you’ll always be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

You Got It Coming to You, So Why Aren’t You Rich and Abundant Already?

You now know about society’s influences on why you’re not. There are also other forces at work conspiring against you.

One of those is your relationship with money. Like a wolf in sheep's clothing you may believe or have been told you’re doing ok. You have a steady job living paycheck to paycheck like everyone else in your neighborhood.

This thinking can cause a world of hurt because you deserve so much more than just scraping by. And what if your job goes away causing more money to be flowing out than you have coming in?

You see money flows in and out in a natural ebb and flow. There are 4 different stages of money flow but what you need to know right now is simple.

Money is simply energy…a store of value. Your new abundant mindset allows
you to tap and let more of this money flow to you.

However this natural flow often gets interrupted.

The problem occurs because humans are innately selfish. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing just a part of your programming. You want more of everything in your life and who could blame you?

In value exchanges money normally changes hands in an uneven way. One person gives activity and value at a higher level than the money received. So the money paying party has over abundance and the money receiving party has under abundance.

You see this often in ‘sweat shops’ and virtual slave labor which happens in areas of the world.

So you are naturally biased to take which focuses your energy and attraction mechanism in the wrong direction. And so you stay mired in scarcity and your success sees false start after false start never gaining enough momentum to get you over the hump to achieving your dreams.

Don’t be one who falls through the cracks because there is another way.

Once you focus your thoughts and actions in the correct direction…giving value, then you start seeing abundance come into your life faster than you can imagine.


"I just float through my days. I am so full of joy. I am manifesting things like magic, but for me it is more about the joy I feel all the time."

Tamara Delz, Hairdresser
Marble Falls, TX


So in one fell swoop here’s what my Accelerating Abundance System does for you:

  • Creates prosperity in every area of your life
  • Proves your inner world creates your outer world…and more importantly how to change your inner world to what you want it to be
  • Illustrates a ‘speed up’ technique so you can get abundance faster
  • Shows you how to get the most from your habits…because you like me are a creature of habit. (all humans are so you might as well put ‘em to work for you instead of against you)
  • Demonstrates how you can be 3-5 times better by using this 1 simple tactic
  • Trains you how to be more disciplined automatically which has too many positive benefits to your health, relationships, finances and life to exhaustively list here
  • Shows you how to get thru ‘that little 1 man army’ voice in your head who wants to sabotage your positive changes
  • Shows how to silence the outer critics in your life who want to sabotage your positive changes (because they’re green with envy or operating in a scarcity mentality like 95% of people are)
  • Proves you deserve abundance and how to eliminate 1 ‘inner shadow’ who can potentially stop you dead in your tracks
  • Allows you to use only 3 simple tools you probably already have around the house to get your deserved abundance
  • Makes only 15 minutes your ‘super time’ AND includes an icing on the cake bonus technique which gives even greater power to your super time
  • Gives unprecedented access to me live so you can get your questions answered in real time when you need it
  • Creates a written record so you can go back to the well anytime refreshing your memory and further reinforcing the abundance techniques in your life
  • Provides you with daily guidance to the abundance path so you stay on track
  • Shows you step-by-step how to tap your vivid imagination and put this powerful part of your mind to work for you
  • Shows you the sequence to access the little known and often hidden automatic success mechanism’ buried deep in your mind
  • Protects your purpose so you can live your ‘inner good’ fearlessly
  • Allows you to access the infinite abundance which is currently locked in captivity. Gives you the master key to free your infinite abundance
  • Trains you how to tap your inner unlimited energy source…your inner ‘super spirit’
  • Proves to you money is NOT supply because your divine mind is unlimited supply and is your source to tap
  • Shows you how to tap your divine mind at your command anytime you choose
  • Demonstrates how to instantly access your unlimited inner supply and as your skills improve manifest your wishes faster.

    You’ll become your own all-powerful genie and instead of ONLY 3 wishes you’ll have unlimited wishes to grant yourself
  • Shows you how and why it’s effortless because when you struggle too much to get it, it’s only pushed further away. You’ll discover the ‘letting go’ technique which ‘lets in’ your abundance


"Hi Christy, After just ONE week of the Abundance class I FINALLY received a check for $2500.00 I had been waiting for from a client - it was almost 90 days past due. I also got paid again for a job I did several months ago (I'm an actress and they pay you again if they want to extend the usage of the footage) it was $1000.00!!!!!!"

Nicole Paolini, Actress LA, CA


  • Lets you channel the Universal Spirit for desire fulfillment
  • Shows you how to fully recharge your ‘battered battery’ undoing the damage from the lack mentality you were taught and which is all around you
  • Illustrates what forms your inner spirit and Universal Spirit connect in, how to recognize it, and how to prosper from it
  • Shows a practical way to inner peace without hokey or fake feeling gimmicks
  • Shows you a Universal truth which has no doubt long eluded you
  • Demonstrates the need to flow with the universe and how to align yourself with this flow simply so you’ll be off and running to abundance
  • Frees you from the cage society has boxed you in
  • Compels your inner world to manifest all you want in your outer world
  • Opens your eyes to the infinite tapestry you have access to and compels you to get what you want from it
  • Explains in detail how ‘infinite prosperity’ is individualized in you and how you get at it
  • Ends your feeling of unhappiness, disconnect and ‘sick heart’
  • Demonstrates how to command your conscious mind like an automatic partner to work toward your goals 24/7
  • Reveals the way to have the fulfilling spiritual experience which is normally so elusive
  • Reveals the cutting edge ‘secret of life’ which some have called the ‘meaning of life’, you can have eternally operating in your life
  • Illustrates your ‘24/7 answer store’ and the currency you need to buy as many answers as you want whenever you want
  • Puts into your view the ‘Light of Truth’ in all its brilliant, iridescent glow
  • Alerts you to the sounds the Universe wants you to hear same as the ones which became my best seller Perfect Pictures
  • Taps your inner core at the most basic level so you find the substance of the 1 in a million being you are and can finally ‘live real’
  • Compels you to get past your limiting beliefs and accept the impossible as possible in your new reality
  • Takes out your old habitual actions, throws em away, and infuses you with new life-affirming abundance actions
  • Ingrains new habits which transform your life
  • Discovers the 1 key within you to ‘have it all’ in your life over and over again

I want to end your cycle of darkness and living only a shadow of what you were meant to be.

And I want you to be able to teach this to your friends, family and most importantly, your kids. This way you can change the lives of generations to come.

You may feel in over your head. Just acknowledge the feeling and let it pass because now I’m going to get you right into how abundance works...

Did you know that being abundant is actually a skill, like driving a car?

You didn’t just know how to get in a car and drive. You learned from someone who knew how to drive.

He or she explained to you how to use the gas petal, how to look in the rear view mirror, and how to stop the car.

Abundance operates the same way because even though your born with it inside you, you need someone to teach you how to bring it out and let it work for you in your life,

Don’t reinvent the wheel because you don’t have to.

Here are some simple tips you can use to get more abundant right now.

  1. Abundant people are always focused on what is right in their lives, instead of what is wrong.

    If you are one of those people that sees the good in a situation instead of the bad, then you are on the right path. Now you want to raise the bar to a higher level.

    But, if you are someone that always sees the bad, you have been programmed in lack and limitation. Start looking at the world and all the people in it for what is good and right, versus what is bad and wrong.

    See the silver lining in each of these bad situations and take some good from it.
  2. Abundant people are always looking for the solution versus the problem. The power of being solution-oriented can never be overstated.

    When things come up in your life, are you stuck in the problem, or do you immediately go to the solution?

    People who have an abundant mind are always looking for ways to solve a problem. They know there is always a solution, always an answer.

    Do you focus on your problems and talk about them, tell stories of how bad they are, try to compete with friends of how bad you have it? To be abundant look for solutions and focus little or no attention on the actual problem.
  3. Abundant people focus on what they can give in a situation, versus what they can take.

    When you go into a relationship, work environment, or any type of interaction are you focused on how to bring and express the best of you so you can contribute, or are you focused on what you can get out of the situation?

    Abundant people know that as they give the best of themselves, they will receive more and more from the Universe like clockwork.

    People with a lack mentality, believe there’s only a limited amount and want to get “their share” so they focus on taking.
  4. Abundant people take 100% responsibility for everything in their lives.

    They know they create their reality, either good or bad. They know they can change it.

    People who come from a lack mentality want to split hairs and blame others for their situation. They blame the government, the economy, their employers, their spouse, their kids, and on and on.

    When you have an abundant mentality and take 100% responsibility you then are empowered to create life the way you want it.

    When You’re Living the Law of Abundance You’re Never Again a Victim.
  5. Abundant people admire and support others.

    People mired in lack consciousness are jealous and envious of others.

    When you look at someone who is more successful, attractive, fun, etc than you judge yourself to be, do you feel inspired by them, or do you feel jealous and envious?

    Abundant people understand there is nothing to compete over, because in an abundant universe, there is more than enough for everyone. There is never anything to be jealous or envious over.

    When an abundant person sees a quality or desires something someone else has, they know they too can create it, and are therefore inspired to do so.

    Jealousy and envy are of the lack mentality, and will only create more lack and scarcity in your life.

    Don’t you want to be free of lack and scarcity?
  6. Abundant people appreciate everyone around them.

    They appreciate their life and every life experience.

    People who come from a lack consciousness are focused on tearing down everything.

    While you are standing in line at the grocery store are you upset because you believe you’re wasting time, or do you take a moment and appreciate you have this moment of virtual peace in an otherwise insanely busy high octane modern world?

    When the spring comes after a long winter and the birds are singing do you listen with appreciation, or do you want to “shut that damn bird up”.

    When you’re in appreciation you’re in abundance. When you’re in anger you’re in lack.
  7. Abundant people know the universe is always supporting them.

    People caught in the quicksand of lack mentality believe the universe short changes them, only supports them some of the time, or not at all.

    People operating in the majestic ease of abundance are in the flow of the universe and will experience more wonderful things which come to them automatically. Because they know the universe is a friendly place and always supporting them, they attract more abundance to them by being prepared and accepting of it.

    People who feel the universe is not supporting them are coming from a false premise that the universe is limited. This thinking is all smoke and mirrors. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Now you have some basic steps you can take to start bringing abundance into your life today.


"I've experienced more spiritual growth since working with Christy Whitman (3 months) than I did in the 5 years before I met her. Her gentle way of reminding us of our true origin propels her clients into the possible future which before was only a dream. She remains available to students after their completion of a class and continues to be a magnificent guide on the side and wonderful support."

Kahty W. Arizona


What you’ve read and discovered so far maybe causing conflict within you because…

You’ve seen the doomsday headlines about the economy. “Massive Debt Fueling What Looks Like a Long Recession”, “Bernanke Signals Recession”, “Pawn shops seeing more sellers amid recession fears”

Fear mongering and scarcity are the easiest tools which drive ratings. And ratings are the only thing the news cares about (accuracy is a distant second).

Quit spinning your wheels in the news hound’s wheel of fear. It won’t get you any cheese or other rewards.

You can remove yourself from THEIR damaging cycle of scarcity just like I did so you never have to worry about job security anymore.

Moving into abundance is simple but not easy. It does require you to take some specific step-by-step actions contained in my Accelerating Abundance System.

If you’re looking for a movie to watch one time and then think you can sit back and reap all your dreams without any effort you’re sorely mistaken. This won’t be for you because this gets results from following the system and doesn’t give you a bunch of hyped up pipe dreams.

Here’s the rest of what you’ll discover:

  • Makes you aware of the 9 sleeper automatic ways we normally think negatively and how to change them
  • Makes lasting changes in your life…

Because what good is Abundance Which Comes to You Today
But Doesn’t Last Tomorrow or Next Month?

  • Centers you so ‘button pushers’ and difficult people don’t faze you or take you out of your emotional state
  • Law of allowing ties hand-in-hand with abundance
  • How to get more out than time you put in – 3 simple steps
  • How to change your inner world in only 3 days and then accelerate your inner improvement constantly
  • Give more energy get more energy fundamentals

Research has proven time and time again how ingrained your habits are. The encouraging thing is they can be changed by using the specific process which works.

As humans we operate on patterns. More of your life than you can possibly imagine is controlled by patterns. I’m going to show you how to put your specific patterns in your favor so abundance flows to you almost effortlessly.

  • Beyond your habits, Accelerating Abundance CHANGES your consciousness in only 40 days. Research and quantum physics proves it happens in only 40 days.
  • Automates your thinking to abundance instead of scarcity mentality
  • Once you put it to work for you the shift happens and like gasoline on a fire more and more abundance flows into your life
  • Accepting yourself as ‘enough’ just as you are and the magnificent being you are
  • Allows you to forgive yourself, release, and be welcomed into the abundance club
  • Overcomes the obstacles to change which will come up against you
  • Allows you to flow through your days with ease because of your inner state
  • Shows you the 1 MAIN GOAL and how to achieve it 99% of the time

Because this 1 main goal each human has is being unmet America is out of whack and more medicated now than ever. The 1 main goal you have is to be happy.

Hands down everything you do is to increase your enjoyment of life and your overall happiness. At least you have a set of habits you believe are going to bring you happiness.

You’re here because either you’re unhappy or you want more happiness and enjoyment in your life

Accelerating Abundance

  • Gets you in touch with your ‘true inner self’ while your ‘fake you’ bites the dust
  • Shows you the ’20 minutes to abundance’ tactic
  • During the course you have live phone and email access to me [saw this in the transcripts. Is that included with this? It would be great if we could offer this and I believe we could because only a small percentage will actually take advantage of it.]
  • Breaks through your current reality and into your abundant destiny reality
  • Makes trusting your creative ideas and writing them down in the moment easy
  • Releases resistance for even better flow to abundance
  • Shows you specific tactics to attract the right business or romantic partners


"Christy, I can't thank you enough for your 'Attracting Your Ideal Partner Course!!!' Quite literally, things started moving into place for me to meet the man of my dreams the week after finishing the course with you! I met Garrett, across the country, in Vermont while there on business. As you know, I live in California. He is absolutely the man I envisioned while doing the meditations with you, even to the point that I heared him say the same exact things to me as I did during the meditations! Less than 4 months after meeting him, he moved across the country to live with me in Los Angeles. It's been nearly 8 months now since we first met and I couldn't be happier! Not only that, but everything else in my life is thriving now too, including my singing and art business as well as his new business as a personal chef here in LA.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL, my mother who took the course with me, as you remember, has also met a wonderful man. He contacted her, through an online dating service, within a week or two after completing the course. She kept putting off meeting him for over 2 months, due to surgery she was having (on a side note, she is perfectly fine now.) He kept calling her persistently to get together. Finally, she met him 2 and a half months later and they have been dating and traveling everywhere together ever since. I have never seen her with a man who treats her so well. The whole family loves him!

I realize I may be long winded in my praise for your work, but words cannot express how grateful I am! Your meditation courses have changed my life so much for the better and none better than your 'Attracting Your Ideal Partner Course.' Garrett is my true soulmate! I have never loved and been loved more truly in my life! We do your Abundance meditations together and life is fantastic! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Emily Sharbani, LA CA "

Emily Sharbani, LA CA


  • How to tap the ‘magic of intention’ capability so you get your bright future

In addition, there are 5 principles you’ll discover inside which tie the system together for you. Each of these principles is interconnected while distinctly giving you the building blocks you need.

Principle 1 – Abundance Basics

  • 1 of these a day keeps the scarcity nemesis away
  • Your personal internal alarm clock to success
  • Breaking through your conscious and into your subconscious ‘superior mind’
  • How to vent your frustrations without pissing off your spouse or friends while still getting the healing benefits of venting
  • Doesn’t matter who you work for, money comes from within, from the value you give
  • Feeling secure in an insane world even in this recession. Means never having to worry about your job security again

"I was doing ok at work but was feeling a little strained and pulled in multiple directions. I started looking for a clear direction of my goals, which lead me to life coaching with Christy. We began our work together and I was in the top 25%-of the sales force. After 12 weeks of working together I had moved into the top 2 sales representative in the nation!!! Now mind you, I was doing intense work within myself but hadn’t changed my strategy for increasing sales. I believe that it was those around me that saw the change. My time spent coaching with Christy has lead to an invaluable return on my time and investment."

Latisha Taylor, Pharmaceutical Rep, San Francisco, CA


  • Always feel in control of your environment even in situations others find scary and out of control
  • The effects in your outer world are simply an out picturing of your former beliefs
  • How lack thinking separates your consciousness from your inner supply
  • 3 specific beliefs which keep you down and how to eliminate them
  • How to shed your ‘human hood’ and unleash your divine inner being
  • How to rekindle the power of something you did when you were young but probably rarely do now
  • How to focus on bringing 1 new wish into your life then expanding to as many as you want
  • The power of the ‘because’ technique
  • How to ‘kill’ the little voice who says you CAN’T
  • How to listen to your higher voice and insure it speaks the loudest
  • 1 statement for 10 days to success
  • The 1 exercise which instantly connects you to abundance
  • The fun ‘comic strip’ technique which kills negativity
  • How to do the ‘grounding’ technique which makes you feel safe, open, connected to Mother Earth
  • The 1 minute ‘daily wrapup’ technique which supercharges your subconscious automatic abundance mechanism
  • The ‘vibrational alignment’ technique which turns you into a self wish granting genie
  • The power of gratitude attitude
  • 1 therapeutic technique they don’t want you to know about and have systematically worked to eliminate
  • How to feel the essence and deeply connect with abundance
  • 1 thing you can do right before bed to guarantee a successful morning

Principle 2 – How the Pieces Tie Together

  • How to find your high vibrational place and why it’s important
  • Examples of how abundance attracts what you first want, then with NO extra effort also attracts money, dating possibilities, and fun (even playing better golf) as a side effect
  • There’s only 2 main emotions. Find out how to make 1 work for you and stop the other one working against you
  • The ‘newborn baby’ technique which is the foundation for your success
  • how to channel your inner source so you get quality inpiration you can use instantly
  • 3 steps to abundance technique
  • How to baptize your ‘small voice’ and emerge from the healing baptism with your ‘big voice’ now dominant
  • How to break through the wall when the ‘higher voice’ sends you too much info at first
  • What you resist persists. Accelerating Abundance gets you cleaned out so you release instead of resist
  • the ‘stop cancel’ technique to silence the 9 Auto Negative Thoughts
  • how lack of awareness stops your change and the method to allow easy change you want
  • the ‘celebration’ technique Tiger Woods uses to virtually guarantee his success now and in the future
  • why it’s important to take a moment to thank yourself and how it spurs you into abundance
  • the ‘magic 17 second’ technique which literally shifts your vibration putting you in the clear
  • the ‘cartoon character’ technique which silences your negative voice
  • how to infuse your thoughts with power…and to only infuse the thoughts which get you what you want
  • the ‘calm ocean’ technique which allows you to calmly flow even when your life seems to be blitzed and battered by a hurricane
  • TFAR – 3 parts to success…thoughts to feelings, feelings to actions, actions to results
  • The ‘supercharger’ technique which works for everyone because it’s based on human biology and how to find the best way to apply it customized to you
  • The ‘brain base’ technique which allows you to feel good about your change so it sticks
  • What the ‘sub-personality journey’ is and how it’s essential to you getting your desires fulfilled
  • How your contradicting personalities cancel each other out keeping you stuck in life’s quicksand and how to get them working together
  • How to stack the ‘laws of life’ deck in your favor to virtually guarantee abundance and success
  • How your hazy awareness keeps you held down and how to release your inner success being
  • How to minimize frustration while maximizing your mastery
  • How to know what path you’re on and reach your desired destination
  • How to the ‘law of reflection’ can bring you results 3 times faster
  • How to tap the ‘master magic maker’…your divine will
  • How your success can happen as fast or slow as you drive your car
  • The ‘instant energy source’ technique and how to put it to work for you
  • How to stop the ‘don’t want’ philosophy in its tracks
  • The 1 most important, empowering 4 word question to ask yourself
  • How I attracted my loving partner…you have my permission to borrow this technique
  • The ‘radio tuning’ technique which allows your wishes to come to you almost automatically
  • Everyone has at least 1 area of life they’re good at. How to take and expand it to all areas of your life
  • How ‘detaching mode’ leads to attracting loads
  • How to be in constant flow with the universal laws 93% of the time
  • The ‘oil drilling’ technique and why it’s a good thing which helps your environment
  • Thoughts are things…not your identity. Thoughts are neither good nor bad…they’re simply empowering or disempowering.
  • Why ego centric self-focus is good and you should be doing it
  • The ‘canoe flow’ technique which makes your life easier
  • 1 simple technique to access the next higher dimension of your mind
  • The ‘out of body’ technique which gives you ultimate clarity


"When I came to Christy to work one-on-one with her, I was so frustrated and confused. My main intention was to find clarity in what I wanted to do with my career. After working with Christy for just a few weeks, I received clarity on my career direction. I am now so excited about the new direction of my career and my purpose in life."

Kristen Talbot, Writer & Actress NYC, NY


  • The ‘erect body’ technique which allows optimal energy flow
  • How your ‘negate creation thoughts’ hurt you and how to get rid of them
  • The ‘escrow concept’ and why it’s critical to your dream destiny
  • The ‘put yourself out there’ almost magic attraction formula
  • How saying ‘I’m ready for this’ puts you in a receiving place where the universe aligns to give it to you
  • How to comfortably evolve into the life you’re meant to live
  • How to combine the 2 separate worlds (spiritual and physical) and put them to work together for you
  • The ‘easy onion’ technique to discover your true depth
  • The 1 technique you can follow like the light at the end of the tunnel and know it’s always the correct path

Principle 3 – Making Money’s Natural Ebb & Flow Work for You

  • How to overcome the ‘throwing it back in your face’ ungrateful attitude and recognize it for what it is
  • Why the ‘holy grail’ belief is false and what the real story is
  • The universe is not a 1 hit wonder but a veritable candy store of options for you to choose from
  • Why the universe doesn’t test you, it ‘optionizes’ you
  • How to release guilt and its damaging effects so you can prosper
  • The ‘universal waitress’ and how to place your success order
  • How to virtually control the stock market so it pumps out all the profits you want
  • 2 simple steps to know how you’re vibrating and get your vibration back on track if the wheels come off
  • The ‘hidden revealer’ which shows you the obstacle blocking you so you can get around or thru it
  • How to find the ‘elusive zone’ you hear megastars and sports athletes talk about when they’re on top of their game
  • What is the ‘perfect picture’ and how to make it work for you
  • Who’s the ‘captain of your ship’ and how to steer course to success
  • How nature’s ebb and flow concerns your money…and how you flow with nature so money flows to you
  • Getting the natural rhythm of the universe in your favor
  • Shows you the 4 states of money so you can decide which you want
  • How to have both money and energy flowing into you like a massive tidal wave
  • Guilt – the secret stalker you don’t see and how to shake him off your tail
  • The power of ‘I’m awesome’
  • The underground ‘kick ass’ technique you can use right now for the specific intention you desire
  • How to honor your body and how not doing so destroys you
  • How to confidently follow your inner urges every time
  • 1 simple technique which jumpstarts you like a supernatural wake-up call
  • How to beat the ‘domino effect’
  • The ‘farmer cycle’ technique for natural abundance
  • How ‘energy radiation’ renews you so you can receive
  • The ‘dime to quarter’ technique for instant energy renewal
  • Gets right the 1 most important relationship you have

Principle 4 : The 9 Automatic Ways of Negative Thinking

  • Why it’s not your fault nor is it your parent’s fault and what you need to do because you’re eyes are now open
  • Changes/updates your mental programming
  • How to take advantage of the 1 most important hour of your day
  • Why random thoughts kill and what to do to stop this silent dream killer
  • What causes depression and a natural way to get rid of it
  • How good thoughts release good chemicals, bad thoughts release bad chemicals
  • How thoughts have been scientifically linked to cancer and what you must do to take back control
  • Defeat the choke hold negative thoughts have over you so you unleash your deserved abundance
  • Beware of absolute words like always and never because like a dagger in the heart they shut down your creativity
  • How to get past the 1 negative thing in order to see the 100 positive things
  • The only 2 fears you’re born with (falling & loud noises), all others are b.s.
  • What your ‘success compass’ is and how to use it
  • The 1 ‘fail safe red flag’ and how to heed its warning so you steer clear of bad situations
  • The ‘invisible nightstick’ you should release immediately
  • The ‘labeling phenomenons’ devastating effects
  • All emotions are ok to have, what you do with them determines your destiny
  • Taking back your identity and shedding false labels
  • The ‘new mirror’ technique…hint it has nothing to do with copying the movements of others
  • What the ‘blame game’ does and how to remove its damage from your life
  • How to use these 5 simple steps - awareness, documentation, understanding, disassociation, declaration – to change the 9 Negative Automatic thoughts society has programmed into you
  • The ‘anchoring process’ to continue your abundance for the rest of your life

Principle 5 – Continued Abundance by Looking at Your Progress

  • How your relationship to your daily activities affects your results
  • The ‘everything teacher’ principle which speeds your success
  • The ‘1 area, all areas’ master philosophy for your life
  • How to change the ‘never good enough’ syndrome which your parents or society has programmed into you
  • How to have more ‘ah-ha moments’ which give you abundance clarity
  • Makes your cellular memory (body cells not cell phone) work for you
  • Advanced technique to really get in tune with energy
  • Going from emotions to E-MOTIONS
  • How to stop the conflicting emotions and vibrations so abundance can come in
  • The ‘anja center’ technique which connects you to your intuition
  • The ‘spiral’ technique for spiritual fulfillment

As you can see the system is jam-packed with the tools for you to get what you want.

My Accelerating Abundance System puts you back in charge of your life and starts you reclaiming your abundance birthright.


Here’s exactly what you get in the
Accelerating Abundance System:

5 week Accelerating Abundance System Workbook – the heart of the step-by-step system you can put into play immediately to bring abundance into every area of your life.

It’s designed to get you all you want. It does this based on the fact that your inner world creates your outer world. So it gets your focus centered in the right direction so you’re firing on all your abundance cylinders.

47 no fluff pages with appropriately simple checklists to keep you laser focused on your path to abundant destiny. [$47 value]


The Abundance and Prosperity Skills Hotsheet: Shows you the 3 steps to releasing all the negativity and blocks which keep you mired in scarcity. Once you have these released you are opened to your new reality of abundance.

Gets at what you really want blowing past what society has trained you to want or your parents told you to want. Shows you how to get crystal clarity what abundance means to you and how it includes more than you can possibly imagine.

Establishes your relationship to money and how it needs to change so you can have all you want in life. [$27 value]

The 9 Automatic Negative Thoughts and How to Eliminate Them: Defines what these little shadow killers are, how they destroy your chances for abundance and the path to eliminate them from your life so you can welcome the warmth of abundance you deserve. [$27 value]

3 Super Bonuses only available when you order by December 8th, 2019.

Instantly Manifesting Your Attitudes and Beliefs: 3 page hotsheet charts what you’re doing right now so you can see exactly what you’re operating in and how you should be operating to achieve abundance.

Shows you the 4 simple steps to lasting change in any area you desire:

  1. Recognize
  2. Acknowledge
  3. Forgive
  4. Change

[$47 value]

5 Astounding Abundance Principles Audio Series: You get the recorded versions of the 5 coaching calls (which my clients paid $497 to attend live). These 5 calls are 1 jam packed hour each which go in depth on the specifics of each of the 5 principles and exact tactics to apply them in your life immediately.

Gives you the easiest possible ways to put them to work for you and combines them in a way which maximizes their effectiveness because one builds on another multiplying their effects by working together. [$147 value]

5 Astounding Abundance Principles Audio Series Transcripts: If you prefer reading instead of listening to discover the magical effect these 5 foundational abundance principles can have in your life these transcripts make it easy for you.

Includes 127 jam packed pages with Q & A from the audience. You get the benefit of these calls with specific questions the audience was wrestling with and my answers to those questions. Over 5 hours of specific training put to print so you can start being more abundant immediately. [$87 value]

Yes, I want to start creating abundance in my life right now.

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Your success with this system is virtually guaranteed to go through the roof because the system is based on sound scientific principles proven to work. The NASA ‘upside down’ study proved how this works.

NASA had astronauts put on state of the art goggles which flipped upside down the way they viewed the world. The interesting thing they found was between day 25-30 the astronauts brains automatically flipped the images right side up again despite the goggles affect.

This is very important to you because it’s how your brain works specifically with habits. Within 30 days you can form all the new abundant life-affirming habits because your brain automatically flips the old upside down habits into the new right side up ones so you can live your dreams.

Your Abundant Friend,


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"I took Christy's Abundance Principle course and I just loved it. I took the class because I felt out of control with my life. I had seen the "secret" went to many seminars, listened to training's read positives books but there was something missing. Out of the blue(but not really) This course was recommended to me the week it was starting. I read about the class and checked out Christys web site and decided that is what I needed. I new that knew the principles but I was having trouble applying them with what I was wanting to attract. This course has done wonders for me. I now feel completely in control of my life, my business and future. Without worry I tackle each day and instead of trying so hard to attract the right stuff - I now smile each time it shows up. I started this course negotiating to buy a house. Looking from the outside in - there is no way this deal was going to go through we did not have a signed contract - it was a foreclosure the bank was dragging their feet every day that went by more offers came in for more money then what we offered etc etc. during the course we closed on the house - found awesome workmen who came in under budget fixed the place up and we are planning on putting it back on the market in the next few weeks. Everything is working better, efficiently and with ease in my life. I am very grateful for this course and the teachings of Christy. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who knows about the law of attraction but still needs a little help getting there. This will be some of the best money every spent. Enjoy life- I now do!"

Kelly Curran - North Carolina


"I took Christy's Abundance Principle course and I would like to say, it brought the biggest change to my life.  The techniques I learned helped me in my everyday life with my relationships with family, friends and even co-workers. The biggest change was the feeling of peace I had everyday.  I took the class because I wanted to change the direction my life was going. I wanted to be happy and fulfilled everyday. I was able to create much better relationships by changing the way I handled myself, not by changing them. "

Paula DeMuria


"Christy Whitman's Abundance Course is an Amazing, Life-Changing Experience! I recommend this to anyone wanting more from life. Participating in the teleconferences with others going through the course was such a blessing. Hearing others share if they are up to date with the program as well as a success story is encouraging and motivating. Having everyone at the end of class share what they will take away is an awesome experience because you actually hear yourself sa y what you are taking with you and what you are using to make your life better."

Christy many thanks to you for allowing yourself to share such knowledge with me, I am forever changed and continually expanding and creating. I now know I am enough! I now consciously and intentionally create!

Beth Chrisman

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