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Magnetic Monday: “Motivation & Inspiration”


What is your motivation and inspiration for success? Why do you want to be successful? Or why do you want to create even bigger success in your life? That is what we discuss in the Quantum Success Show today. What is your foundation for success? Having a proper foundation for why you want success is essential to maintain the level of success that you desire. I hope you … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: “Fear of Failure and Success…”

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Did you know that most people are MORE afraid of success than of failure? Sounds funny, right? What does the fear of success really mean, and why is success so scary? That’s what I discuss in this episode of The Quantum Success Show. Today’s show is eight minutes and full of information that will help you look at the fears of success so you can become aware of it. Then you can … CONTINUE READING

The Energy of Happiness

Aspire 2

My article was added to the Wisdom and Self Growth section of Aspire Magazine, visit to read the full story! Enjoy! … CONTINUE READING