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Career Change as a Catalyst for Creating What You Really Want


Career Change as a Catalyst for Creating What You Really Want "So you wake up one morning and realize that the career ladder you’ve been diligently climbing is leaning up against the wrong proverbial wall, and that in order to achieve your creative, financial, or personal goals, you are going to have to make a career change..." ~Christy Whitman Read the rest of the Christy's article on … CONTINUE READING

The Illusion of Balance


"...connect with yourself first and everything else will fall into place." ~ Christy Whitman Pages 94-95 green child magazine Read my latest article about, "The Illusion of Balance" published in green child magazine on pages 94-95 by clicking here. … CONTINUE READING

My Silly Little Gang – Book Review


"If I had to narrow down my POV of this book to one word it would have to be WOW! This is such a great book, I truly believe that this book should be a MUST READ for every woman. Having read this book has changed my perspective. It has given me the confidence to look inside myself and get to know me for who I really am! This is an intelligent guide that taught me to turn away from lack and … CONTINUE READING