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Quantum Success Show (QSS) – “Combining Metaphysical and Physical”


Do you know the difference between Either/Or and Both/And? Today’s Quantum Success Show discusses both the inner and the outer, what I like to say combining the metaphysical and physical. Do you know there are success signatures within each person? You are special, different and the unique puzzle piece that fits into the whole. There is a reason that some strategies to success don’t … CONTINUE READING

Quantum Success Show (QSS) – “Law of Allowing”


You know about allowing, right? It’s easier said than done! And that is what today’s Quantum Success Show is all about. We must allow what we want to come to us. Think of what you want to have in your life as a delicate butterfly that when we are too aggressive or too pushy it can’t come to us. We push what we want away from us instead of attracting it to us. Be open. … CONTINUE READING

I found meditation, the Law of Attraction, and me.

I lived in Chicago for almost three years in my early and mid-twenties. I remember feeling that I had everything that I had ever asked for. I was in a career where I was making good money. I was living with my best friend. I had a tiny little body. I had a boyfriend. Things were pretty good, but spiritually I was completely lost. I remember that I was really attracted to the very old beautiful … CONTINUE READING