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Magnetic Monday: Make Fear Your Friend


Fear is important to talk about. We try to avoid fear, especially learning about Law of Attraction. But like any and all emotions, fear is important. And it is there to inform us. Natalie and I share our secrets to how we use fear to propel us forward to greater success. Natalie shares a great question we can ask ourselves to help us become more aware when the fear does show … CONTINUE READING

Detach and let the Universe do its job.

Frederic and I decided it was time to purchase a home in Arizona, since we visit there every winter. We had been looking since March, and nothing really caught our eye or inspired us to make an offer on anything we saw. Then we saw this beautiful home, and it appeared to be a very close match to the "clarity" list we had created together. Whenever you want to manifest something, make … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: Costa Rica – Pure Potentiality


This show is in front of a waterfall and a bit loud :) Water is so cleansing and healing. And being in touch with water can get us in touch with Pure Potentiality. This show is only three minutes and if you allow yourself to get in the vibration of the water flowing it will sure to ground you in the flow of the Universe. Much love to you! Christy … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: Costa Rica – The Law of Allowing


Please join me in the rainforest in Costa Rica. I was so inspired to do a show from this hike and talk about The Law of Allowing. This week's Quantum Success Show is in Costa Rica and shows how important it is to adapt. I always say that we can look at nature to see how to navigate in our worlds. Being in the rain forest showed me how to be in an allowing space. I hope you … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: Inner Action vs. Outer Action


If you have been listening to me for a bit, you know that I talk about how important taking action is to manifest what we want. I discuss that it is not just taking action in the material world, but that we also need to take inner action. What is inner action? That is what this Quantum Success Show is all about! The secret to manifesting all you want is to align with what you … CONTINUE READING