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Magnetic Monday: The Law of Deliberate Creation


Okay back to the 7 Essential Law series and this one is a biggie! When we can deliberately choose our thoughts, emotions, and decide what beliefs we want to live by … that’s not only magic, but VERY POWERFUL! And that is what this Quantum Success Show is all about. During this series I share how all the laws work together. When you are the one that is deliberately choosing your … CONTINUE READING

HollywoodLife.com asks life coach and New Times best selling author Christy Whitman…


Recently, HollywoodLife.com asked me if Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber should get back together. My comments: "As I told the reporter if anything is a little no, it's a full no." "And whatever we are seeking on the outside from anyone, we need to first give that to ourselves." You can read more expert advice by going to HollywoodLife.com by clicking here!     … CONTINUE READING

Global Gurus Ranking 2015 – I’m #27 in the Coaching Category!


I was ranked #27 in the Coaching Category for Global Gurus ranking 2015! Take a look by clicking here!     … CONTINUE READING