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Magnetic Monday: How to Pray When Working with Universal Laws


This show comes right from the Island of Fiji. You can see the little ones enjoying themselves in the sand while I discuss the perspective of prayer as it relates with Universal Laws. This is a quickie! It is less than three minutes. Do you pray from a place of lack or abundance? Enjoy and please excuse the wind :-) Much love, Christy Here are other ways you can … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: What Does Your Brain Keep You From Achieving?


Do you ever feel that your best intentions can't seem to keep you motivated to do or NOT do the things you know is best for you? That is what today's Quantum Success Show is all about. I have a very special guest on the show, Bill Harris, that talks all about how a certain part of our brain is responsible for what we do and what we don't do. AND an over active limbic system is also a … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: The REAL Self-Love


So this Quantum Success Show... HOLY S*&^! I have a dear friend, Rikka Zimmerman who nearly died last year from stage 4 cancer and who is clearly a messenger that is spreading the word of self-love. She healed herself with love. Love is the highest vibration in the Universe. And most of us have a very conditioned definition and understanding of love. Click here to access Rikka's … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: What Knocks You Off Your Center?


Happy Monday! Do you ever feel like you are knocked off your center by people, situations, circumstances or even money? We have choices in how we react or respond to everything in our lives. And that is what today’s Quantum Success Show is all about. It is less than six minutes long, and full of suggestions for how you can stay in your center when you are normally knocked off. … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: What are the best things in your life?


Have you ever heard, “The best things in life are free?” Well it is true… And it is not true… I explain this in this week’s Quantum Success Show. Click here to learn more about Creating Money: How to Clear Your Energetic Blocks and Deliberately Attract the Financial Abundance You Want, Need – and Deserve What are five things that are the best things in life for you? Write … CONTINUE READING