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Magnetic Monday: What is super awareness?


I am so excited to have a friend on the show with me today. I have had Bill Harris on the show before, and this one is beyond amazing. Bill and I discuss his new book, (which he is giving you free today)… Click here to receive: The New Science of Super Awareness. I love Bill’s down to Earth and real approach to personal development, and how our awareness determines How we … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: What is your purpose?


Have you ever wondered… What is my purpose? I sure went through this recently. I was asking big questions and then I received big answers. Ask and it is given. And I am so happy to share this with you today on the Quantum Success Show. In this show we discuss the stages of purpose. And… how to know your own purpose. This show is less than 8 minutes and I am … CONTINUE READING

WAKE UP! The Sound of Transformation​ ​with Michael Bernard Beckwith​


Each week Michael Bernard Beckwith hosts dynamic guests who have activated their potential and generously share their time-tested tools for transforming body, mind, and spirit and exploring the depths of the evolutionary process. On Friday, November 13th at 1PM PST, Michael will interview Christy on The Art of Having It All. Access the Live Stream by clicking here. … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: Join me again next week!

Hi. I am terribly sorry, but I needed to pull down the Quantum Success Show today. Please come back next week for a powerful show on "What Is Your Purpose?" It is my commitment to bring you the best shows, with the most inspiring information and supports the integrity of how I live my life through working with the Universal Laws. Much love, Christy … CONTINUE READING

The River of Abundance

The River of Abundance by Christy Whitman All of life is energy: Love is energy. Money is energy. Happiness is energy. Fortunately, we live in a universe where there is an unlimited supply of energy. An abundance of all that we desire is available to us in this and in every moment, but our beliefs about what's possible determine how much we can allow ourselves to receive. If we … CONTINUE READING