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Magnetic Monday – Changing beliefs of scarcity into abundance


It has been such a mission of mine to help eradicate any beliefs in scarcity and limitation within myself, within clients, and within our society… And it has also been one of my most rewarding topics that I share, because I know how important our beliefs are. If you believe in scarcity or limitation, then your life will reflect that limitation. However if you believe in abundance, your … CONTINUE READING

Enlightened Kid Program was in the MTV Movie Awards Gift Bags! Enter to Win One for Yourself


I'm so excited to announce that our Enlightened Kid Program was selected to be given to all the presenters and award winners at yesterday's 2014 MTV Movie Awards! Check out the links below to enter to win your very own MTV Movie Awards gift bags (a $6,775 value!!). ET Online Radar Online … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday – Clearing Blocks with Your Divine Self


Happy Monday :-) In this episode we go deeper with information on how to connect with your Divine Self and why this is such an important step to manifesting what you want. Today's episode of The Quantum Success Show is a little over six minutes and gives you specific tips to help you have a deeper connection with your Divine Self. Here are some of the many tips that I talk about … CONTINUE READING