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Why Mommy Must Be Happy!


Check out the blog article I wrote for mamainheels.com. You can read my article, Why Mommy Must Be Happy! by clicking here. … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: Resetting Your Allowing Meter

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This show is exciting and sure to change what you allow or disallow. So, what is an allowing meter? Once a new desire has been born within you, there are only two basic positions you can take in relation to that desire: you can resist its manifestation into your life, or you can allow it. What is allowing and what is resistance? And how do you know that you are resisting or … CONTINUE READING

Book Review – Chic Galleria


Read this great book review of, The Art of Having It All, posted by the editor of Chic Galleria. Read the full review by clicking here. … CONTINUE READING